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Forging a damascus sword with bronze cast hardware

All the steps involved with forgewelding a damascus steel billet, forging and profiling a cutlass sword, designing a bronze cast basket-hilt, and producing said bronze castings in house using the LostPLA method of investment casting. An in-depth look at what really goes into handcrafting a sword from the ground up and the first step to becoming a true scurvy pirate.

Metal casting using a 3d printer and the "lostPLA" method

Using a standard entry-level 3d printer and some basic hardware store components, this tutorial will demonstrate how to turn your prints into 100% solid metal castings that can stand up to extraordinary abuse. Truly, this is the fastest and cheapest path to "metal printing" and will work for any shape you can dream of.

20 ton hydraulic press build - I call her "THE CRUSHINATOR"

This build was just something I've been working on in my garage on and off for the last year or so. I finally finished her up and just wanted to share!


Anyway, rather than show you the build and then explain what I do with it, I'll demonstrate the utility of having your very own Crushinator firsthand and then explain the build process and everything that went into building "THE CRUSHINATOR".

Effects of heat treatment on pattern-welded damascus steel acid etching

What effect, if any, does heat treatment have on the contrast of a damascus blade after it is etched? Apparently, it's significant.

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