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No forge? No anvil? No problem!


These tutorials were written for the absolute beginner and assume that the only tools you have available are everyday items. Learn how to construct your own functional forge out of dirt, craft an anvil from a variety of different found items, and forge your first blade from the ground up - literally.


So you've managed to build a functional forge and have some experience at the anvil, eh? Time to examine more complex blacksmithing methods and take your skills to the next level. These tutorials include bladesmithing techniques as well as ornamental ironworking.


Damascus steel? Pattern-welding? San-mai? Canisters? Flux? Oxidation?


Forgewelding is a complicated process but that doesn't mean it can't be easy once you get the basics down. At its core, there are only three rules to forgewelding: Get it clean, Get it hot, and hit it with an amount of force that is neither hard nor light.

Odds and Ends

General shop techniques and other methods to improve your equipment and tooling.

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