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DIY - Authentic hamon on a santoku chef knife

What is a hamon and why do people want to put ham on things?


This tutorial details the steps taken to achieve an authentic Japanese hamon on a 15N20 santoku blade.

Constructing a narrow-tang knife

This album discusses the steps taken to construct a simple and durable narrow-tang knife. These methods are applicable to both forged and stock removal blades and result in a unique form which can be completed entirely with simple hand tools.

Forging the Beer Tree

One night, with beer in hand, I was looking at the various piles of scrap I had unearthed after renovating my shop and then it hit me:


I'm going to forge a beer tree.




Because I can.

Upgrading your knife sharpening setup

Finally decided to spend an afternoon upgrading my knife sharpening setup from an old sawhorse with a cushion and piece of wood bolted onto it, to another old sawhorse with a slightly nicer cushion and piece of wood bolted onto it!

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