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This tutorial will introduce you to the following concepts:

- Making your own charcoal

- Selecting the proper steel

- Constructing a forge from dirt and other found materials

- The process of forging

- Stock removal techniques

- The theory behind heat treating

- General bladesmithing on the cheap.

All materials required to build your own forge, anvil, and grinder can either be found or purchased on the cheap for around $100 total.

Mounting an anvil - a guide for aspiring blacksmiths

Finally decided to retire my shitty pine stump anvil stand after a buddy of mine cut up some beefy black oak and gave me a couple large rounds. Here's how I squared everything up and mounted my anvil.

Step by step tutorial on my crafting of a stock-removal spooky sharp knife.


You'll still need a forge for heat treatment, but no anvil is required for this build. This tutorial examines grinding techniques and methods of keeping costs down to an absolute minimum.

Tempering: a necessary step with a fun visual twist

Who knew playing with a blowtorch and a toaster oven could be so fun?

Custom glow-in-the-dark knife pins

Just a sneak peek at the making of glow-in-the-dark pin stock and methods used to create mosaic pins as well.

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